2015…so far.

Well over the last year things have been very busy for Oronero developing parts for 911 Porsche range, specifically from 1971-1994, extending the range of parts for the rally TR7 V8 and of course increasing the range of components available for Ducati models from the 1988-2002 era.

Along the way we have helped a Lotus Europa lose the stress related gel-cracks, I am not sure why they are called gel-cracks when actually the cracks are fractures of the actual fibres which are beyond the gel-coat. Some of this work included manufacturing a new section for the rear panel and right side rear corner. These areas suffered damage in some past collision, so far one side is now finished, leaving the new section to be let-in and the relevant attention to be given to the remaining areas of the car…that will have to wait until 2016 once the weather has improved.


Lotus Europa repair panel

Lotus Europa repair panel

Our thanks to Celeres Racing for mentioning the parts that we supplied and manufacture for the 851 and 888 range of Ducati Motorcycles . As a participant of this years Classic TT, they were one of the entrants that appeared in an article during November’s edition of Practical Sportsbikes. It is a shame that despite taking part during the practice sessions, even overcoming a major mechanical disaster, that they were unable to complete the race, they were forced to retire, better luck next year Stafford!


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