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Ducati 888 851 carbon fairing brackets and rear brake tie bar mount

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So what does the owner of a street Ducati 888 SP5 do to reduce the weight of their bike once they have fitted carbon fairings and a carbon tank?

Here at Oronero we try to accommodate every desire and whim, saving approximately 50% of the weight of the alloy standard parts, we were asked by a customer if we would produce these components. Small components and time consuming to produce when compared to some larger components but are just the finishing touch to a classic machine.

Don’t worry that you may not have an SP5 Ducati, the parts can be retro fitted to all models of Ducati 851 and 888 manufactured from 1989 onwards, lucky for some.

Ducati Corse type carbon exhaust hangers 851 888 926 955

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These were finished earlier this year, somehow we did not manage to publicise them before…so here they are.


Getting ready for the IOM ‘classic’ TT 2014

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Here at Oronero we have been busy manufacturing parts for stock, manufacturing new moulds for new parts and helping the race fraternity prepare their Ducati bikes to be lean and ready for the forthcoming season.

Displayed are a few parts being shipped today for the build of another racer which it is anticipated will run in this coming years Classic TT 2014. Good luck to the team, I will post more details and progress reports about them as and when, depending also upon how much time and energy we have to post after a long day of fabrication!

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