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First of the carbon tanks…

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Here is the first of the 1994 888 race carbon tank upper shells which will be used to make the composite moulds for tank manufacture.


Aramid/Carbon components Carbon/’Kevlar’

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Oronero have been asked to make some 851 and 888 parts in carbon/kevlar cloth, these items are more resistant to abrasion and are of great benefit when used as the outer layer on body fairings.

When used on fairings they reduce the chances of the fairing being ground away should the machine slide down the road or track on its side, thus reducing more damage behind the fairings. Late genuine Ducati 888 race fairings incorporated a ‘Kevlar’ outer skin, so what oronero will be manufacturing is not ‘ground breaking’ as the factory have already trodden that ground. If you still want 100% carbon fairings then oronero will be able to produce these for you also.

A small production run of 851 and 888 parts

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There were some more of the parts but I had to get them in the post before I had a chance to take this photograph. Displayed are rear corse style lower huggers, one of which is made with carbon/kevlar material. Also in the image are a corse style rear seat undertray, the first batch of corse carbon tank letterbox covers, air velocity stacks/trumpets which will be suitable for fitting to late 888 injector manifolds and finally another set of 888 corse upper and lower headstock covers.

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