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Ohlins 888 Corse remote ride height adjuster clamp

Posted in Ducati race Corsa strada carbon carbonio motorcycle SP2 SP3 SP4 SP4S SP5 SPS 851 888 926 955 on April 2, 2011 by oronero100

1994 888 Corse Ohlins remote ride height clamp

Oronero were asked by a  few Corse owners to remanufacture the Ohlins remote clamp that has been no longer available for a number of years. This clamp permits the ride height adjuster to be fitted on the left-hand side of the frame, allowing easy and rapid adjustments to take place at the track.

Using some images, the part books for the Corse machines and the wealth of  knowledge that some owners of these bikes possess,  Oronero has been able to meet its project objectives. A few of these clamps have been delivered to owners who are testing a small batch at this moment in time. Providing that feedback is positive and that the item performs as intended another small batch will be produced.

**  UPDATE  **  **  UPDATE  **  **  UPDATE  **

I have recently heard back from another 888 Corse owner who has stated that the item is ‘perfect’, that the internal bore is correct and that fitment still allows the adjustment to be made to the ride height easily, with plenty of clearance between the knob and the frame. Limited production will shortly commence.

888 Corse ride height adjuster clamp

Oronero are also responsible for having remanufactured the more commonly seen and used Ohlins remote clamp that is used for the rebound adjustment, often located in the underseat area, with adjustment being made above the wheel on the underside of the oil breather catch tank (pictured below).

Ohlins remote rebound adjuster clamp Corse 888