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1993 Corse FOR SALE

Posted in Interesting Ducati FOR SALE on March 27, 2011 by oronero100

Please note that this machine is not mine, I do not know the history of it and you must ensure that you carry out all checks on the machine and owner to satisfy yourself of what you are potentially purchasing. The machine was listed on a great resource for all things triple eight!

1993 888 Corse for sale

This bike is currently located in France and is for sale by Pierre-Etienne

Hi guys,

I’ve planned to use this bike in the ICSB series (that never “take off”) but I will not use this bike in a short future, therefore I’m selling it!

1993 factory frame, alloy rear frame, period Ohlins racing fork (recently serviced), period Ohlins shock absorber (recently serviced), period steering damper, marvic mag wheels freshly repainted (front) or new (rear),
Brembo racing calipers with floatting disks, new rear disc, PR 19 Brembo master cylinder, PR16 clutch master cylinder, 926cc engine recently serviced with all the good bits in it (coming from the old stock of the SIMA, the former ducati french importer) such as 926 racing crankshaft, Pankl titanium conrods, aluminium cam belt pulleys, new pistons and rings, etc….. engine recently serviced, full 50 mm exhaust line with alloy termi’s, twin injectors throttle bodies, racing airbox, racing dashboard, racing air intakes, racing oil catcher, racing loom, racing fuel pump, 851 alloy tank and freshly repainted bodywork.

PLUS a spare 955cc engine, 851 crankases, a lot of spare parts…..(cylinders, pistons, throttle bodies, windscreen, etc, etc)

all that for only 20 000€ (may consider swap with another interesting Duc’ + 10 000€ minimum)

Contact details are posted on or available upon request

27th March 2011

748 916 996 Corse type heel plates RS

Posted in Ducati race corsa strada corse carbon carbono carbonio 748 916 996 998 on March 8, 2011 by oronero100

Ducati 748 916 996 Corse rs carbon heel plates

The intention when starting oronero was to offer high quality parts for things that interest us and the 916 Ducati models have always been a favourite here. We have a number of projects awaiting the time to start mould manufacture which will eventually lead to production of parts, these 916 corse type heel plates being the first for this model.

Unlike some examples that we have seen that are currently available, these are both light and strong, this is due to the manufacturing process which sees 4 layers of 200 gramme carbon sandwiching a 200 gramme layer of kevlar backed with a layer of E-fibre to leave a smoother finish on the back, all encapsulated in epoxy.

Made using quality UV resistant epoxy resin, these items look nice as the finishing touch to a set of Corse rearsets. Contact us for availability.

Carbon 851 and 888 fuel tanks

Posted in Ducati race Corsa strada carbon carbonio motorcycle SP2 SP3 SP4 SP4S SP5 SPS 851 888 926 955 on March 1, 2011 by oronero100

Availability of these tanks is getting nearer, once again, as moulds are completed. After extensive research with regarding the suitability of certain epoxy resin types within the composite matrix, we are at a point now where proto type production will shortly commence to ascertain the suitability of the product for the types of fuels that are available on the market. Contact us for more information.