Ducati corsa battery tray race corse 1992

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A small batch of 1992 carbon race battery trays being prepared. These will be available for both standard and race frame fitment.


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Though our blog posts have reduced drastically we are still manufacturing parts for the Ducati range of motorcycles built until circa 2000.

We would like to congratulate Celeres Racing on a successful year at this years Classic TT at the Isle of Man, where both race 888 bikes finished in respective 11th and 23rd. I know that this year was a development year for the latest bike, Katy and that the original bike, Emily who has been around since 2014, hasĀ  proven herself this year following last years engine woes. Well done Stafford, Dave, Wayne and Liz plus the numerous other assistants. Onwards and upwards for next year, we’ve already started on some new parts for the bikes to make life even easier for next year!

We will shortly be announcing three stockists where you will be able to purchase parts directly from.


2015…so far.

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Well over the last year things have been very busy for Oronero developing parts for 911 Porsche range, specifically from 1971-1994, extending the range of parts for the rally TR7 V8 and of course increasing the range of components available for Ducati models from the 1988-2002 era.

Along the way we have helped a Lotus Europa lose the stress related gel-cracks, I am not sure why they are called gel-cracks when actually the cracks are fractures of the actual fibres which are beyond the gel-coat. Some of this work included manufacturing a new section for the rear panel and right side rear corner. These areas suffered damage in some past collision, so far one side is now finished, leaving the new section to be let-in and the relevant attention to be given to the remaining areas of the car…that will have to wait until 2016 once the weather has improved.


Lotus Europa repair panel

Lotus Europa repair panel

Our thanks to Celeres Racing for mentioning the parts that we supplied and manufacture for the 851 and 888 range of Ducati Motorcycles . As a participant of this years Classic TT, they were one of the entrants that appeared in an article during November’s edition of Practical Sportsbikes. It is a shame that despite taking part during the practice sessions, even overcoming a major mechanical disaster, that they were unable to complete the race, they were forced to retire, better luck next year Stafford!


Ducati 888 851 carbon fairing brackets and rear brake tie bar mount

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So what does the owner of a street Ducati 888 SP5 do to reduce the weight of their bike once they have fitted carbon fairings and a carbon tank?

Here at Oronero we try to accommodate every desire and whim, saving approximately 50% of the weight of the alloy standard parts, we were asked by a customer if we would produce these components. Small components and time consuming to produce when compared to some larger components but are just the finishing touch to a classic machine.

Don’t worry that you may not have an SP5 Ducati, the parts can be retro fitted to all models of Ducati 851 and 888 manufactured from 1989 onwards, lucky for some.

Ducati Corse type carbon exhaust hangers 851 888 926 955

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These were finished earlier this year, somehow we did not manage to publicise them before…so here they are.


Getting ready for the IOM ‘classic’ TT 2014

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Here at Oronero we have been busy manufacturing parts for stock, manufacturing new moulds for new parts and helping the race fraternity prepare their Ducati bikes to be lean and ready for the forthcoming season.

Displayed are a few parts being shipped today for the build of another racer which it is anticipated will run in this coming years Classic TT 2014. Good luck to the team, I will post more details and progress reports about them as and when, depending also upon how much time and energy we have to post after a long day of fabrication!

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Also available in carbon/Kevlar hybrid cloth

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If you would rather have your parts finished with an outer surface layer of aramid/ carbon/ Kevlar cloth, we can do that for you also.

Ducati 748, 916, 996, 998 carbon rear swing arm protector. carbono, carbonio corsa

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Oronero have recently finished the moulds for the rear swing arm protectors that fit the Ducati 748, 916, 996 and 998 models.

This item has been made using three layers of 200g carbon fibre followed by an inner layer of carbon/kevlar hybrid cloth. Particular attention has been given to the ‘shark fin’ area, which helps to prevent objects getting fed into the chain and rear sprocket. In this area the part has been reinforced with additional layers of carbon fibre and also carbon/kevlar cloth.

All of these layers are bonded with the appropriate epoxy under vacuum and heat, the result is both a strong and light component.


Ducati Supersport Superlight 1991 – 1997

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It has been over a year since we last manufactured any carbon fibre bodywork panels for the 2 valve Ducati Supersport and Superlight models. A small batch of seats are currently being prepared and will shortly be available for resale,


Ducati carbonio carbon carbono SS Supersport SL Superlight mono solo seat


Congratulations Paul Baleta, third in class at IOM Classic TT 2013

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Oronero are pleased to announce that Paul Baleta has finished 3rd in class at the IOM Classic TT. Paul finished 14th overall with a time of 1;25;26, achieving almost 106mph average speed throughout the race.

I am sure that part of the success was in due to the meticulous engine rebuild that the SP3 received just prior to the event, which was carried out by Steve Hilary at redmax-ducati.co.uk

All that we contributed in assistance were some additional carbon spares, which in the case of the air runners were manufactured with additional layers of carbon fibre so that the SP3 could endure the bumps and jumps that the Manx circuit is well known for.

The same again next year Paul?Image

DSCN9895 (600x800)